Little Tokyo – Mikawaya & ‘Lette

In the heart of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles lies a small outdoor shopping plaza. You can buy Japanese gifts and gadgets, groceries, cosmetics.. there was even a costume shop for anime fans. All of these are overlooked though if you’re seeking out for desserts like I was!

Little Tokyo

First thing on my mind: mochi: a Japanese rice cake and molded into a traditionally round shape. It can be eaten plain or flavored, sometimes sweet fillings inserted into the middle.


There’s a shop called Mikawaya, tucked away into the corner of the complex. They’re known for their mochi ice cream and manufactures their varieties to different grocery stores in LA.

Mochi Ice Cream

With multiple flavors, it was hard to choose. I was already full from the ramen at lunch so I knew I could try one or two. Because there’s ice cream filled in the middle, I couldn’t buy a box either to save for later. I ended up trying the passion fruit and Joe tried cookies and cream. The outside was gelatinous, lightly powdered, and as soon as you reached inside to the ice cream, you were hit with a burst of flavor! Both of ours were delicious!


They also sell other treats there and biscuits you can take home. I really wish I hadn’t come on a full stomach!

118 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 624-1681

Mikawaya on Urbanspoon


Lette Interior

Just a few shops down, I was surprised when I saw a ‘Lette macaron store. I had read about ‘Lette but wasn’t up to drive around and find locations. Surprise!



They have one of the largest flavor selections I have ever seen, and all are picture perfect!

Macaron Display

This (thank God!), I could buy and save for later to eat! With 13 regular flavors available and 5 seasonal ones, it was so hard to choose. My favorite ended up being the lychee and passion fruit one. These macarons had such great flavor, it was one of the best macarons I’ve ever had outside of France. If you happen to pass by a shop, make sure you grab a few to try!

‘Lette Macarons
107 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 621-4457

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