Bistro Praha

Bistro Praha caught our eyes when Joe and I had the Hungarian sausage on the last Dishcrawl we attended. The rest of the menu looked interesting and last Sunday we managed to finally give it a go. During my Europe trip before I graduated, I actually visited Prague for a couple of days. It was one of the more interesting cities I had been to, rich in history and architecture and the old world Eastern Europe feel versus the Westernized worlds of the UK and France in comparison. For some reason, I can’t remember what I ate there as my main meals, and all I remember are sausage stands open late for the nightclub crowd. It’d be interesting to see what Czech food is like, albeit in Edmonton!



For a Sunday night, the restaurant was doing pretty well – most tables occupied around 7pm. Inside, the dining area is divided into two sections. We were seated in the main area, a prominent light fixture above us from a curved ceiling, and artworks depicting the old Prague throughout. Our server was kind, very speedy, and very relaxed throughout the night.

Schnitzel Menu

Their main specialty is schnitzel, a thinly pounded boneless meat, covered in bread crumbs and fried. Different varieties are available to order, the traditional being the Wiener schnitzel, made from veal. To cover our bases, we ordered an appetizer, two different entrees, and a dessert to share.

Fried Breaded Cheese

Our appetizer was the fried breaded cheese, a Czech dish. Usually made from Hermelin or Edam, the thick cut cheese is breaded and fried, served with a tartar sauce, as was traditional during the Communist period. The crust was super crispy, not greasy at all. The cheese was Edam and just the right thickness for it to ooze out as soon as you cut into it. By itself, it tasted pretty much like hot, crispy, gooey cheese goodness. With the tartar sauce though, tasted even better! It came with a choice of potato salad or pan-fried potatoes. Our server recommended the pan-fried potatoes and thank goodness he did. So good! Medium cut slices, fried until golden brown, not greasy, and was seasoned very well. Very addictive! I love cheese…


Each main entree comes with a side of green salad or tomato and onion salad. Both regular salads, nothing to get excited about.

Wiener Schnitzel

Our dinner came out rather quickly from the time of ordering. I had ordered the Wiener schnitzel, a full order (half orders available), in order to share with Joe. As a star dish of Vienna, it’s also popular in Czech Republic. The portions were gigantic! I was able to get through one piece of cutlet, while Joe sized up his portion. The breading is the same as the cheese, making the veal cutlet have a crispy exterior. It was a little under seasoned for my taste, but I believe I have a very salty palate. By itself, I was missing some sort of sauce although I knew that wasn’t traditional. Alternating bites with the side of potato salad helped quite a bit.

Filet of Sole

Joe ordered the filet of sole. Well cooked, nicely seasoned with herbs, salt, and pepper, and a side of buttered mushrooms to accompany it. Is it just me or is the fish and mushroom combination a bit odd? I don’t think I’ve ever had a dish with the two, mushrooms usually accompanying steaks or meats rather than seafood. Just a thought while I happily ate my portion of the fish. The pan-fried potatoes made a second appearance, although this time they seemed to be unseasoned. Not sure if this was intentional or a mistake. Otherwise, a great dish.

Close Up of Banana Crepe

For dessert, I was craving the banana crêpe. This was the best way the meal could have possibly ended.  Our server knew we were sharing and was thoughtful enough to split the dish for us without us having to request it! The dish was super yummy, not too sweet, although the icing sugar (also known as crack cocaine to me) was there. Even the whip cream was light and airy, Joe questioning if it was Cool Whip or something house made. Absolutely loved it!

I’ll most definitely be returning to this restaurant when we’re in the mood for something completely different from our usual eats. My favorites: the fried cheese and the banana crêpe. I’ll have to try the steak tartare and roasted duck or goose next time, under “Bistro Specialties” on the menu. Cute, cozy place!

Bistro Praha
10117 – 101 St
(780) 424-4218

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