Fat Franks (West Edmonton Mall)

Sometimes it’s not all about sit down restaurants and fancy dinners. Most of the time, I’m actually craving something cheap, quick, and good.

Fat Franks has been in business for over 17 years now, expanding it’s street vending of smokies and hot dogs from Whyte Avenue to downtown to local events and lately, opening up it’s first permanent fixture in West Edmonton Mall’s Phase III food court.

Last Sunday I came downtown to see what Joe wanted to eat for the night. Usually the “stay in the area” type of guy, it blew my mind when he said, “There’s a Fat Franks open now in West Ed. Let’s go!” I’m sorry, what? We’re driving to the west side, battling the Christmas shopping crowds to get a hot dog? Okay!

Fat Franks

Fat Franks

I don’t even know what makes their smokies and hotdogs so good. Perhaps because it reminds me of a couple nostalgic memories. The first being a traditional meet-up spot with one of my friends. The Whyte Avenue location was our go-to dinner when we wanted to catch up. He’s moved to Calgary since then, leaving me alone in my Fat Franks ventures. The second memory? When I had braces, I had to refrain from eating the oh-so-good jalapeño cheddar smokie for fear of cheese oozing between my brackets with each bite.The moment I had my braces removed, Fat Franks smokie was right up on my list, next to biting into a crisp apple and eating toffee.

Jalapeno Cheddar Smokie

Jalapeno Cheddar Smokie

As always, I ordered my usual: jalapeño cheddar smokie, topped with a bit of ketchup, BBQ sauce, and onions. Simple. The menu here looked a bit more expensive than the street vendors, but with renting a unit in WEM, this was expected. The hot dog itself looked a lot larger to me but maybe it’s because I was starving!



The Fat Franks in the mall also offers french fries, something I had never seen before at a street vendor. The fries were cooked perfectly and had a bit of a crunch. I would have preferred a seasoning salt on it or at least the option of it at the toppings spread.

Overall, still a good eat. A lot of people might just say it’s just a hot dog, or just a smokie, but I beg to differ. Something about Fat Franks and the memories it recalls makes me happy inside!

Fat Franks
Phase 3 Food Court 8882 – 170 St
(780) 487-8989

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