Sushi Sugoi

This location has closed since the writing of this post.

Sushi Sugoi is one of the many sushi restaurants that have popped up in Edmonton’s food scene in the last six months, or at least within the time period that I didn’t blog… or try anything new! Located all the way on Calgary Trail, exiting off 23 Ave, south Edmonton, this was the furthest sushi place possible for me, so I had high expectations. Thankfully, those expectations were fully met when Joe and I went a couple weeks ago.

Sushi Sugoi: Interior


The Japanese restaurant had taken over an old Outback Steakhouse, the exterior a clear marker. The interior though was redone, quite nicely if you ask me, with a double-sided fireplace, open sushi bar, and large seating areas.

Sushi Sugoi: Herb Cultivator

Herb Cultivator

They even have their own herb cultivator in the back, just on your way to the washroom! Neat-o.

Sushi Sugoi: Salmon Nigiri

Salmon Nigiri

Sushi Sugoi: Wakame Seaweed Salad

Wakame Seaweed Salad

Joe and I took a long look at their extensive menu and decided on our favorites, as per usual. It’s hard to deviate from what you know and love! Salmon nigiri came out first. The salmon was well cut, and fresh, although not as creamy in texture as Sumo Sumo’s in Sherwood Park or Mikado (Downtown). The texture of the rice was a little off, perhaps slightly undercooked for that particular evening. No wasabi in the middle for those of you who are wondering! The Wakame seaweed salad followed shortly, your typical mixture of seaweeds although at Sushi Sugoi, they throw in a heavy dash of Shichimi Togarashi, a seven spice Japanese mix.

Sushi Sugoi: Spicy Tuna Maki

Spicy Tuna Maki

Sushi Sugoi: Rainbow Roll

Rainbow Roll

Our sushi meals usually consist of more nigiri or sashimi, but this night we were feeling rolls. I always get the spicy tuna maki and every sushi establishment I try, a go-to dish. The amount of tuna was minimal and the hot sauce was your standard that you can find at most sushi places. For the record, I love the spicy tuna at Kyoto (Downtown) or Ichiban (very similar recipe) the most! Avocado always wins over cucumber! Joe was in charge of the other roll, and he (safely) chose the Rainbow Roll. I don’t know why but we never order fancy rolls, it’s just not our style. I’m not the biggest fan of imitation crab meat or mango (in rolls), so I can’t say much except that it was well packed and had fresh salmon and tuna!

Sushi Sugoi: Gyoza


We were feeling particularly hungry that night, or perhaps because we wanted to get the most out of a long drive, so we ordered two other dishes that we normally would never order. The gyoza, a pork filled dumpling, was delicious! Crispy exterior, well seasoned, and not overly greasy. This was also the start of alfalfa sprout craziness… seems like that herbal cultivator is doing a good job.

Sushi Sugoi: Sugoi Izakaya Platter

Sugoi Izakaya Platter

I don’t know why I was so inclined to order this but maybe because it was a platter and had a bit of everything. I really wanted this Sugoi Izakaya platter. We only have one established izakaya in Edmonton, and I don’t see platters like this very often! Four sampler dishes of the best kind of izakaya food there is: deep-fried goodness.

Sushi Sugoi: Deep Fried Squid

Deep Fried Squid

The deep-fried squid was the easiest to eat of all four, crispy and bite sized.

Sushi Sugoi: Ebi Katsu

Ebi Katsu

The Ebi Katsu (deep-fried breaded ebi shrimp) was mostly batter although the shrimp was delicious. A bright pink sauce mayo sauce gave a bit of color (interesting?) and a bed of ‘slaw served as some padding. Does anybody actually eat dish beds?

Sushi Sugoi: Takoyaki


A trio of takoyaki was served with Tonkatsu sauce and a mild wasabi mayo. Mmm, yum! Perfect amount of dough to baby octopus ratio. I always love takoyaki, they’re so cute!

Sushi Sugoi: Chicken Karage

Chicken Karage

Last of the four sampler dishes, chicken karage. A different coating that the Ebi Katsu, but still resulted in a crispy exterior.The only thing missing is beer or sake with dishes like these! At the end of the meal, I was regretting ordering such a heavy dish and was craving for another piece of nigiri, but otherwise, the platter is a good choice for a larger group! Or even a group of 3… since all the items came with 3 a piece.

Sushi Sugoi: Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

Although my stomach was almost at full capacity, the dessert side stomach was still empty. So I ordered the green tea mochi ice cream, despite Joe’s weak attempts to stop me. He still had a bite. How could you not, with such beautiful presentation? The mochi is nothing superb, as all the restaurants buy it from a distributor, but points go out to the berry coulis, the colored white chocolate shavings, and the dark chocolate leaf. Cindy approves.

The cost of the meal, surprisingly, ended up being pretty similar to what we’d spend at any other sushi restaurant, even though at first glance the prices of rolls looks to be right up there with Mikado and Japonais Bistro. If in the area, I would definitely return to Sushi Sugoi. Too bad most of the time when I’m in that area, it’s to spend the day at Ikea and have Swedish meatballs or on my way out to the airport! Delicious food, large selection of rolls, and alfafa sprout craziness! Give it a try!

Sushi Sugoi
2874 Calgary Trail NW
(587) 524-4335

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