Elm Cafe – Austrian Dumpling Night 2.0

Elm Dining Room (by Elm Cafe) hosted another Austrian event this past Friday, this time featuring Austrian dumplings. I had previously missed the first dumpling night in November but did manage to grab a table for Austrian sausages. I’d like to think I’m a little more on the ball now! With Friday night designated as a catch-up date with my cousin Amanda, I convinced her to come try it with me. It really didn’t take too much convincing.

Elm Cafe: Styrian Pumpkin Soup

Styrian Pumpkin Soup

First of the three-course meal was a Styrian pumpkin soup. Surprisingly, Styrian pumpkin flesh is not a food item, although their seeds can be eaten whole and are entirely edible. I’m not normally a fan of any squash to be honest, but lately I’ve found a few dishes that really make me want more! This would be one of them. Gorgeous colour and texture, the soup could have been a meal in itself! Had to stop myself early in order to save room for dumplings!

Elm Cafe: Ham & Potato Dumplings

Ham & Potato Dumplings

Elm Cafe: Inside of Ham & Potato Dumplings

Inside of Ham & Potato Dumplings

Amanda ordered the ham and potato dumplings. Or “fleisch und grammelknödel”. Filled with a mixture of ham and bacon, these were both our favorite! Crispy on the outside, and piping hot on the inside, and served with braised cabbage and a apple-fennel slaw.

Elm Cafe: Beef Goulash & Bread Dumpling

Beef Goulash & Bread Dumpling

My dish for the night was the beef goulash and bread dumpling, which is Chef Suddaby’s favorite. This is what I think of when somebody says “Austrian dumpling”! It was chewier in texture, and soaked up the beef goulash gravy nicely. Tender cuts of beef layered with creme fraiche (I believe), this dish was a delight!

Elm Cafe: Carinthian Cheese Dumplings

Carinthian Cheese Dumplings

The last Elm Dining Room event I went to, I stuck to ordering just one item on the menu. So much regret… so much. I took a lesson from other Edmonton foodies on Twitter to just order more and take it home. Austrian breakfast it is! So for an extra $14, I ordered the third dumpling dish to share. The “Karntnerkasnudlen” or Carinthian cheese dumpling was a top contender for dish of the night. With a wrapping very similar to a traditional Ukrainian perogy, they were beautifully hand folded and presented with breadcrumbs and butter. Mmm, this was the bomb. The cheese filling had more of a ricotta texture, very light. So glad I ordered all three to try!

Elm Cafe: Ice Cream Crepes

Ice Cream Crepes

By the time the ice cream crepes rolled out, both Amanda and I were full. Could have easily split one! And we couldn’t take it home either! The thin crepe was rolled around vanilla ice cream and a mixture of raspberries, Saskatoon berries, and rhubarb. A pleasant way to end the meal.

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Elm Dining Room
9132 – 118 Avenue

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Twitter: @elmcafe




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