My Empanadas

The best food finds actually come to me unplanned. And it’s the best kind of surprise too, like finding a $20 bill in your pants! My latest stumble? My Empanadas, located right next door to the newly opened Korean Mama Lee’s Kitchen on 106 St and 51 Ave. Earlier this week, we had dinner there and as Joe and I were walking out and making our goodbyes to Jessica and Jerry, Jessica (of course) spotted the Argentinian empanada shop. Jessica has the biggest eye for food, ten times larger than mine. Were we all full? Yes. Did we want to try empanadas? Yes. So what did we do? … Need I answer that?

My Empanadas: Counter


The shop has been around for nearly two years now. In fact, I was already following it on Twitter and had it on my wishlist on Urbanspoon. How many of these little eats have I completely overlooked?

My Empanadas: Menu Guide

Menu Guide

A full menu is available on their website. Little slips of paper serve as a guide for when you buy your pockets of deliciousness. They can be baked on the spot and served to you at one of their two tables or, if you prefer, you can order them frozen with full instructions to take home and enjoy.

My Empanadas: Chicken Empanada

Chicken Empanada

Between the four of us, we ordered a chicken, beef, chorizo, and pork. Hurray for sharing! We all had room for one empanada in our stomach and with a bite of each one, totally do-able. It took 10-15 minutes for him to bake our order (same time as the frozen varieties). They came out piping hot and crispy. My favorite? The chorizo! I always like a little bit of heat. The pork and chicken had a sweeter marinade than the beef but all were delicious! Jessica’s favorite was the beef. I think we were all thinking the same thing but Jessica was the first to say it: “Should… we buy some frozen ones… for later?” Yes.

My Empanadas: Frozen Empanadas

Frozen Empanadas

So we did. And this is where the menu slip is of extreme importance! In order to differentiate the empanadas, just match up which style it looks like. Excellent! The owner even provided us with full instructions (preheat oven 375 degrees Celsius, egg wash for shiny appearance, lay evenly and bake for 15 – 20 minutes, rotating sheet every 5 minutes) and parchment paper! Cute! We all wanted to try the Philly Cheese but he was sold out of them. What that really means is that it’s probably better than the ones we just had. Must. Order. More.

Definitely give My Empanadas a go when you’re in the neighborhood! Each empanada is only $2.49 (Philly Cheese $2.99) and they also serve tortillas and pizzas. It’s in a small strip mall so a parking is available, open Monday to Friday 11am-8:30pm, Saturday 11am-8pm, and Sunday 4pm-8pm.

10631 – 51 Ave
(780) 756-1345


MyEmpanadas on Urbanspoon


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