Languši, Croatia. Zeppole, Italy. Beignet, France. Doughnut or donut, United States. Fried dough has no bounds! And Canada’s own is called the BeaverTail. It’s not the same as the elephant ear you get at carnivals, it’s a beaver tail. I remember my first was in Ottawa as a child, my uncle nearly had me convinced it was actually our nation’s furry mascot’s tail beaten down and fried. It also happens to be one of the most delicious snacks you can have in Banff, the only store of the franchise in Alberta.

BeaverTails: Storefront


BeaverTails Menu

BeaverTails Menu

BeaverTails: Interior


BeaverTails is a Canadian company, specializing in the deep fried dough desserts. Amongst other items like ice cream and sorbets, hotdogs and poutines, you can order up a customized beaver tail or choose from a preset menu.

BeaverTails: Hand Pulled Dough

Hand Pulled Dough

Each order is made fresh, hand-pulled whole wheat (!) dough. Fried and ready in a few minutes.

Beaver Tail

Beaver Tail

BeaverTails: Cinnamon Sugar Coating

Cinnamon Sugar Coating

It’s honestly one of my favorite things to eat of all time. If I can’t make it down to Banff to get one, a special trip to Edmonton’s summer carnival (K-Days) is in order just so I can get the street food equivalent of an elephant ear. Or I line up in blistering heat at the Croatia tent at Edmonton’s Heritage Days.

BeaverTails: Toppings


Nothing is quite the same as a fresh beaver tail though! Crispy and crunchy, yet somehow deep fried without the overwhelming grease factor some donuts can have. Cinnamon sugar is a classic, but you can go nuts and add on extra toppings to your order as well.

BeaverTails: Half Banana Chocolate, Half Lemon Cinnamon Sugar

Half Banana Chocolate, Half Lemon Cinnamon Sugar

For those undecided, you can split your beaver tail and make both parties happy! I opted for the lemon cinnamon sugar, and Joe tried the banana chocolate, a combination of fresh banana slices and chocolate hazelnut spread.

Enjoying Beaver Tails

Enjoying Beaver Tails

The shop on Banff Avenue (close to Chaya) does not have any seats although a window ledge is there if you nab it. Usually it’s gorgeous outside though with plenty of benches alongside the streets. It was raining that weekend though so we cozy’ed up in front of the espresso machine.

BeaverTails: Ceiling


They’re opening up a second location on Banff Avenue, one just wasn’t enough for the small touristy town. I really wished they’d open up on at West Edmonton Mall! Where else do you get mounds of tourists? Not only are they expanding within Canada, they’re also opening up a location in Tokyo, Japan! Going international with beaver tails! If you haven’t been a BeaverTails location, make sure you stop by if you’re in the Banff Area. Deeeeelicious!


120 Banff Avenue (Banff)
(403) 760-0606

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