Passion Sucrée

This vendor is no longer in Edmonton since the writing of this post.

It’s been over a month now since I’ve had Passion Sucrée’s cronut. I’m sorry I haven’t shared with you all sooner. If you follow my Instagram and Twitter page though, you would have figured out where to get such a treat though!

Passion Sucree

Passion Sucree

Question 1. What’s a cronut? It’s a croissant-doughnut hybrid of deliciousness is what it is. It’s a big trend right now in a lot of bigger cities, originating from New York, and my first taste being from Swiss Bakery in Vancouver. There, they call it a “frissant”, a fried croissant if you will. Ever since, I’ve had a hankering for it. What do I do when I want a croissant and a donut for breakfast or as a snack but only have room for one or the other? Cronut. It’s surprising that Passion Sucrée calls it a cronut, because apparently it’s a trademarked name. But anyways. You won’t find it anywhere else in Edmonton! (If I’m wrong, somebody let me know. I could use another cronut as I type.)

Cronut by Passion Sucree

Cronut by Passion Sucree

Question 2. So where do I get one? Leila, owner and one woman show of Passion Sucrée, currently takes only special orders for them. When she makes a batch though, she’ll let the Twitterworld, know which is how I found out about it in the first place. It pays to follow the hashtag, #yegfood. It really does.

Cronut by Passion Sucree

Cronut by Passion Sucree

Passion Sucree: Cronut


I picked up half a dozen cronuts from her operations on Kingsway Avenue that week. These particular ones were topped with a lemon glaze and chocolate drizzle. Yummeeeeeers. The dough was flaky, much like croissant, but still had the deep fried qualities of a doughnut. Even better though, was the vanilla curd sneaked in between a layer of dough. It’s kind of a mystery as to how it gets there. I very much enjoyed it although a couple in the batch seemed to have soaked up more oil than ideal.

Passion Sucree: Galettes


I visited the Leila again at the City Market on Canada Long Weekend. She had mentioned that tarts and other French pastries were her specialty. Seemed fair to try other things too and not just the cronut, right?

Passion Sucree: Pesto, Tomato, Asiago Cheese Galette

Pesto, Tomato, Asiago Cheese Galette

The galette was scumptious! Handmade butter puff pastry with pesto, tomato, and Asiago cheese made my morning! I wonder how large she can make this… pizza-sized galette anyone? No? Just me? Can’t wait to try the asparagus and onion one!

Passion Sucree: Macarons


The macarons are a little different from what you’d expect, a harder, drier shell, as Leila uses a different technique than what most might be use to. The flavors were spot on!

Passion Sucree: Canada Day Treats

Canada Day Treats

I haven’t tried her cookies yet but something tells me that I’ll be back to buy another galette soon, giving me a chance to sample everything else she has! Eclairs are also a popular item at the booth! With five generations of pastry chefs, it’s no surprise that Leila has dipped her hand in every possible French pastry imaginable. Mad respect for her running everything on her own!

You can follow Passion Sucrée news on their Twitter (@passionsucreeYEG) and orders can be placed through her website, Or check her at out on Saturdays at the City Market, or Sundays at the French Quarter Farmers’ Market and support the local vendors!


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