Tres Carnales Taqueria

Tres Carnales doesn’t even need a review, their dishes are outstanding. I don’t even know why I haven’t written about it before, the last time I was there for a sit down meal was when I first met Joe and my food blog was just starting. So here it is, in the shortest most condensed format ever. Because everything is gooooooood. Blog post #36 on their Urbanspoon page. That’s how sad this post is…

Tres Carnales: Hongos Mixtos Quesadillas

Hongos Mixtos Quesadillas

Mushroom. Garlic. Capers. Seriously. Explosion of flavors despite what you think could be a sad no-meat option. No sir! The Hongos Mixtos is just as good as any of their meat choices! For that night, we opted for quesadillas, and they come in a set of 3.

Tres Carnales: Carne Con Chile Tacos

Carne Con Chile Tacos

Beef brisket slow cooked with beer, chocolate, chilies, and tomatoes make up the carne con chile. Check out that molé sauce! Amp up the spice by slathering on the salsa that comes with the tacos. Double wrapped with soft tacos, they can get messy if you’re slow. Have to two-bite that right away! Taco plates come in a set of 4. So sad that you can’t order a mix of tacos though. What’s a small girl like me to do?

Tres Carnales: Pescado Tacos

Pescado Tacos

Tres Carnales: Pescado Taco

Pescado Taco

Just order more food… that’s the solution to my woes. My all time favorite? The Pescado, a lightly battered fried Pacific Red Snapper. God, that crispy exterior and fresh slaw though is amazing.

That’s all I have to say. Great atmosphere and a fantastic space. Line up and order first, seated after. Get a glass of sangria or a pitcher. Or a Jarritos! They opened up a patio this summer (?), maybe last. Either way there’s a reason why everybody digs this place. Their sister restaurant Rostizado is opening soon in the Mercer Building. Figured I needed to at least “write” about Tres Carnales before I write about Rostizado. Oh yes, that’s right I’ll be there. Tres Carnales but in meat format? Drools. Parking in downtown is an annoyance but thankfully I’m a couple blocks away on at least a few days of the week. Also, if the feature sounds appetizing to you, then order it. And if you’re conflicted on getting the feature of the night or their usual fare, well then you know how I feel every time I’m there. Pretty sure you can do no wrong though. #TACOSFORTHEPEOPLE!


Tres Carnales Taqueria
10119 – 100A St
(780) 429-0911

Tres Carnales Taqueria on Urbanspoon


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