It’s started. I can feel it. When a business opens up shop inside an underground LRT concourse, maybe that’s a sign that Edmonton is growing. You know, aside from the arena and expansion of LRT stations in general. I’m all for more food. More food, more food! Last week, I visited Transcend Mercer on my day off to scout a new blogging space. I figured, might as well turn the morning into a YEG Coffee day, hitting up Burrow for a second cup of caffeine. A bit late on the ball with this one, it opened earlier this month.



Nothing is impossible it seems for Nate Box, owner of the newly opened Burrow – the same of Elm Cafe and District Coffee, and another coffeehouse on the way. It’s awesome that this venture is underground and in a space with high traffic! That’s Burrow’s main aim of course: efficiently pumping out the coffee for the downtown core. No seats, although there’s a small ledge close by at one of the exits. But you don’t really need a seat if you’re on your way to work.

Burrow: Four Barrel Coffee Roasters

Four Barrel Coffee Roasters

Burrow offers coffee from San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee Roasters for interested coffee connoisseurs. Pastries are made fresh from District Coffee and a lot of the lunches are prepped in the same kitchen. I was more interested in their grilled cheese option that visit, as 1) I’m no coffee connoisseur, and 2) I was hungry. The menu is on a 4-week rotational schedule and it was going to end that Friday (which means at time of publishing, there’s already a new menu).

Burrow: Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

Aged Gouda, cauliflower, squash, and pumpkin seeds. I don’t know how you can overlook that on the menu and order anything else (although after I ordered, a lot of the staff mentioned their favourite was the ham sandwich). MMM, was sooooo good. I know you can’t see much in the picture, but you’ll have to trust me on this one. It’s a grilled cheese sandwich after all, it has to be eaten ASAP. Great combination of fall flavours and with my vanilla latte, I was a happy camper.

Because I don’t work in downtown, I don’t see myself visiting Burrow too often unless it was on my way. I prefer to sit down and sip my coffee, read a magazine, or browse the internet and work on blog posts. But for those who work in downtown and happen to take the LRT, Burrow is such an awesome location and offers that much-needed caffeine fix for those on the go. Check them out!

Burrow Central Station
Central LRT Station Concourse West
(780) 425-9991Monday – Friday
7A – 5P

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