Coffee Bureau

Edmonton’s newest cafe, Coffee Bureau, is sure to be a hit in the downtown core. How do I know this? Because it was a cup that didn’t make me reach for more sugar in a long time. Because it tasted delicious. If you’re a coffee connoisseur or a simple latte drinker like me, read on!

Coffee Bureau

Coffee Bureau

Coffee Bureau officially opened its doors yesterday morning, welcoming Edmontonians to take a break. It’s located on Jasper Avenue and 105 St, commanding the space in the Jasper Dental Building (that’s where my cousin practices!). Driving to the shop would be disastrous, it’s main targeted consumer on-the-go from and to work and take out lunches. Being a recent resident of the downtown core has it’s perks though, it’s only a block away for me. Score. Tables and countertops have yet to be installed to complete the space but they are open, Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm and Saturdays, and ready to serve you some spectacular coffee and baked goods. Once they ease into things, they also hope to make some simple panini sandwiches for lunch.

Coffee Bureau: Kris & Peter, owners of Coffee Bureau

Kris & Peter, owners of Coffee Bureau

When I say “they” and I mean Kris and Peter, the cute couple behind the counter! Peter hopes to hire staff soon to keep up with the pace, deserving some time off of hard work I’m sure. Having worked for Leva and other cafés, including Toronto’s Darkhorse, brewing coffee and its culture is not new to him. Coming here all the way from Brazil, the irony isn’t lost that Kris, a dentist by trade, is now serving up the brew in a dental building no less and is always smiling!

Coffee Bureau: Latte Art


As coffee enthusiasts, a typical vacation or trip for Kris and Peter includes visits to 4 or 5 coffee shops at the least. In the last five years, a lot of coffee shops have been offering a more acidic coffee. Bored of this style, Coffee Bureau sought out ACE Coffee Roasters, owned by the folks who bring us Leva and Caffe Tech Canada. The local roasters offer something completely different: a smooth, well-balanced blend with beans originating from Columbia, Brazil, and Ethiopia. Coffee Bureau is the first to serve ACE Coffee, and the under-construction Alder Room, late 2015, also have plans to feature the blend.

Coffee Bureau

Coffee Bureau

Joe and I loved our lattes from the soft opening over the long weekend, taking our drinks to the river valley to enjoy the sun. And while I’m no coffee expert (I hope to change that with YEG Coffee Week coming up!), I could tell that this cup was quite different from any of the roasts Edmonton has to offer. I always find myself reaching for sugar every time I order a latte that isn’t from the sugar-laden Starbucks. This cup though, perfect. And definitely a good break.

So if you’re anywhere on the spectrum of “I don’t drink coffee” to “I can tell you where the beans are from”, check out Coffee Bureau! I look forward to the days when I run out of Nespresso capsules (happens more often than you think…) and grabbing a smooth-tasting latte!


Coffee Bureau
10505 Jasper Ave
(780) 445-4899


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