Sandwich and Sons

Much like duck, if grilled cheese is ever on a menu, I will most likely order it. Add to the mix a new sandwich shop with a focus on local producers and craft products (who doesn’t like a new place to check out, really), then you’ve got a deal. Chef Alex Sneazwell’s latest venture, Sandwich and Sons, is just that.

Sandwich and Sons: Storefront


Located just north of the Yellowhead Trail on 156 St and 131 Avenue, Sandwich and Sons is in one of the oddest spaces ever, nestled in between industrial businesses and serving up a handful of sandwiches to the surrounding crowd for lunch. It makes sense though to have a small deli storefront to support the full service catering business and since opening two weeks ago, Edmontonians have responded with an amazing interest. I’m not the only one who wants a good sandwich!

Sandwich and Sons: Menu


I was lucky enough to have a weekday off last week (they’re only open Monday to Friday) and enlisted my friend Josh, my personal garburator (official job title since 2006), to go check it out. The menu is displayed on the side wall with a space for feature sandwiches. All orders include a side of freshly fried house chips and a slice of made-in-house pickle, which are also available for purchase by the jarful.

Sandwich and Sons: Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal Smoked Meat

The Montreal smoked meat calls out to most people, definitely grabbing Josh’s attention. Sometimes meat intimidates me. Just knowing that a sandwich I can’t even properly hold makes me scared. I’m a wuss, I know. But that’s why bringing Josh is always a good idea, and nobody ever complains about the abundance of moist, tender, smoked beef brisket in between two slices of rye. House mustard and sauerkraut round out the sandwich, making the classic Montreal sandwich just a little bit more closer to home. For those wondering, I did have to take out a chunk of meat to properly hold it in my hands. This isn’t a bad thing.

Sandwich and Sons: Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

As for myself, I ordered the grilled cheese. Who the heck orders that when fried bologna, smoked turkey, and spicy italian are all viable options? This girl. I just cannot resist. Plus I could see the panini grill making somebody else’s order ooze a combination of old cheddar, Monterey Jack, and smoked gouda. Yeah. It was amazing. It was crisp. It wasn’t greasy. And the artichoke spread on the sourdough bread was spot on. Winnnneeeeer.

Sandwich and Sons

Sandwich and Sons

Chef Sneazwell is still working on building his ingredient sources, the meats currently from Sangudo Meats and the bread from a variety of sources. He hopes to source his bread from Vienna bakery and once his convection oven gets delivered, to start making his own. I don’t know when I’ll ever have a Friday lunch off, but Foie Gras Friday is quickly becoming a thing, a Vietnamese banh mi-inspired sandwich featuring braised bacon, mortadella, pickled carrots and herbs and duh, foie gras pate. It made Josh go back (lucky bum!) and now I might be responsible for his sandwich addiction. Oops. If you’re in the area or have a mad hankering for some quality classic sandwiches, head over to Sandwich and Sons!

Sandwich & Sons
13119 156 Street
(780) 222-9579

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