Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Mexican Fare in St. Albert

In March, St. Albert welcomed the new Cerdo Tacos + Tequila, a Mexican eatery located in the central Perron District and heart of the city. Sister restaurant to the neighboring Jack’s Burger Shack, Cerdo Tacos + Tequila offers a wide variety of starters, huevo bowls, tacos and a drinks menu that will make tequila enthusiasts and margarita lovers proud.

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Interior


Taking over the space of the short-lived Feast & Lounge, the owners discovered that demand for the comfort food-oriented menu was less than expected what with Jack’s Burger Shack right there. With a passion towards Mexican cuisine and tacos, the space was reinvented and reincarnated to give you Cerdo!

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Tacos!


Last month I spent one of my few available lunches to check Cerdo out. I recruited my friends Josh and Jesse (two hungry fellows!) to help me with the spread.

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: P&C Shrimp Tacos

P&C Shrimp Tacos

The P&C Shrimp tacos (think the Chinese takeout peaches and cream shrimp) were surprisingly delicious! Shredded cabbage and slivered almonds gave the taco a nice crunch, while cold marinated shrimp was refreshing and cooked perfectly. The plantain and peach puree added a touch of sweetness, a summer-patio kind of taco if I ever had one. Despite this taco being originally high on my “errr, I don’t know” list, it ended up being one of my favourites.

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Carnitas Tacos

Carnitas Tacos

Pork carnitas is a must order at any taqueria. It’s a standard in my books. The pork was well cooked, crisp edges and the salsa verde was delicious. More salsa verde please!

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Chicken Al Pastor Tacos

Chicken Al Pastor Tacos

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Gringo Beef Tacos

Gringo Beef Tacos

I don’t joke around when I’m determined to order the whole menu. Chicken Al Pastor and Gringo Beef tacos were also on our list. The chicken was marinated with guajillo chiles, a flavour that I wished pulled through a little bit more. The pineapples were a nice touch but became the predominant flavour for me.

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Yucatan Salmon Tacos

Yucatan Salmon Tacos

The Yucatan Salmon tacos were a favourite amongst my tablemates. The spiced rubbed salmon were cut in bite sized pieces, making it easy to get a bite full every time.

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Chorizo Tacos

Chorizo Tacos

Ah… the chorizo. At the time, Cerdo Tacos + Tequila was using the local D’Arcy’s Meat Market’s chorizo, one of my favourite products from them. Loved the fresh guacamole and definitely a re-order item for me. Since my visit, they have switched to using chorizo from The Salt Room by Chef Tony Krause. Love the fact that they’re supporting local businesses and restauranteurs!

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Cachete Beef Tacos

Cachete Beef Tacos

Our last taco for the day, the Cachete Beef Tacos. I was really excited about this one, a Mexican oregano and cinnamon braised beef with queso fresco and salsa caliente (tomatoes, habanero, jalapeno, cilantro, and lime). Perhaps my hopes were too high, I really wanted to taste every single described flavour profile! A delicious taco, nevertheless, but I’d love for a pop of cinnamon and the salsa caliente to hit me with all it’s got!

Cerdos Tacos + Tequila

Cerdos Tacos + Tequila

All taco orders come in a set of two, with a choice of corn (gluten-free) or flour tortillas.  My personal preference: the flour tortillas. Tacos range from $7.50 to $12.50 and all can be made “Quesadilla style” for an extra $3. I would love to see more of the house made salsa on all tacos or perhaps put on the side for diners to add on at their leisure. Margaritas (also available as non-alcoholic) and cocktails (non-tequila lover options also available) were on point. Service and the kitchens were fantastic, given our large order and the start of a lunch rush.

Overall, a great space and atmosphere for St. Albertans and a with a wide variety of tacos, something to please even the pickiest! Happy for a great alternative to the much-loved Tres Carnales (still my fav!) that can be a little inaccessible for those who don’t live in the Edmonton core. When the St. Albert Farmer’s Market reopens in June, Cerdo Tacos + Tequila will be a fantastic spot for a meal and a lovely addition to their downtown area. In addition to Jack’s Burger Shack, the two restaurants anchor the small complex and no doubt will make the people hungry for more!

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila
Suite 150, 15 Perron Street
St. Albert
(780) 459-0550

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3 thoughts on “Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Mexican Fare in St. Albert

  1. One thing I discovered while eating there is that the corn tortillas weren’t heated in a pan/comal/griddle at all, so they weren’t softened and had the unfortunate habit of splitting across the bottom. I’m not sure if that was a one-time mistake or an ongoing issue, but the next time I go there I might get the flour tortilla just to be safe.

    • I preferred the flour tortillas as well. I don’t recall the corn tortillas being warmed although they didn’t break on me when I had them!

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