Tofu House: Cracking the Egg in Korean Stews

Kimchi. Bulgogi. Korean fried chicken and bibimbap. Some of the more common Korean dishes and the most easily accessible for us here in Edmonton. What you need to order at Tofu House is one of the eight bowls of tofu stews. Our cold winter days seem behind us now and far long ahead of us, but try to remember this post when you’re craving something warm, comforting, and straight up soothing for the soul.


Tofu House:Cracking Egg in the Tofu Stew

Cracking Egg in the Tofu Stew

Taking over the old Swiss Chalet space on the intersection of 97 Street and 50 Avenue, (Seoul) Tofu House a standard sized menu, enough to feel like you have a selection of dishes but not overwhelming as some Korean restaurants. Their main focus is on tofu stews, eight varieties which all come with a raw egg to crack into the stew at your leisure and a large hot stone bowl of rice.

Tofu House: Rice


The brown rice was mixed with almonds and peas and was something to note. Mixed in with your tofu stew, it made for a filling and affordable meal! The hot stone bowl will nicely crisp up your rice near the end of the meal but just ask for some more hot tea and pour it in to loosen it right back up, a tradition I noticed on my travels in Seoul.

Tofu House: Seafood Tofu Stew

Seafood Tofu Stew

Tofu House: Kimchi Beef Tofu Stew

Kimchi Beef Tofu Stew

The group of us ordered the seafood tofu stew and kimchi beef tofu stew that night. Both delicious although I loved the mild heat of the kimchi one. We had requested the seafood tofu stew to be spicy but somehow that was lost in translation. Both were filled to the brim with toppings: shrimps, clams, oysters, and crab legs in the seafood one; and slices of beef and a mound of vegetables and kimchi in the other.

Tofu House:Korean Fried Chicken (Spicy Sauce on the Side)

Korean Fried Chicken (Spicy Sauce on the Side)

Korean fried chicken seems to be picking up really fast here in Edmonton and at Tofu House, they’re throwing their name into the ring. Crispy and without an overwhelming amount of batter, moist, and a generous portion (9 pieces for $21). A spicy sweet sauce can be ordered with the wings but definitely get it on the side if you want your chicken to stay crisp.

Tofu House: Bossam


Bossam is a Korean specialty dish consisting of boiled slices of pork belly that has been marinated or spiced, to be wrapped in lettuce or cabbage and filled with your choice of sides. A small neat package to give your mouth some love. Sides included jalapenos, raw garlic, kimchi, and your choice of two sauces spicy ssamjang (traditional bossam sauce) or saeujeot (pickled fermented shrimp).

Overall, a welcome addition to Edmonton’s food scene. It’s getting quite competitive for Korean restaurants but Tofu House’s tofu stews is where the flavours and value is at. Other dishes that I would like to try next time I’m in the area: the buddae jjigae (army stew) and the BBQ items (traditional L.A galbi, bulgogi, and spicy pork bulgogi). Go with a nice size group to get the full benefits of the menu or get yourself a nice bowl of tofu stew.

Tofu House
5020 97 St
(780) 989-0804
11A – 10P, closed Mondays

Tofu House on Urbanspoon


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