Market Feature: Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co.

Ruining my breakfast (in the best possible way!) since her appearance at the City Market, Jennifer Gendron’s Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co. is this month’s Market Feature! The weekly vendor promises “fresh, honest, and local” homemade small batch ice creams and let me tell you, the promise is consistently delivered!

Jen at Frosty Fox Ice Cream

Jen at Frosty Fox Ice Cream

Working as a pastry chef, Jen moved back from Victoria, B.C to be closer to family and friends in Edmonton. This summer is her first at the market and an exciting time to start up her own business. Using local ingredients whenever possible, Jen’s been dishing out the ice creams sandwiched between cookies, crusts, or even macarons ($5), and also sells them in ready to eat dixie cups ($3) and pints ($10) for home (or the road!)

Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co.: Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu

Earlier in the market season, I happened to notice Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co.’s booth as it was right next to the beloved Fat Frank’s stand. I remember Joe asking me if I wanted my usual Jalapeño Cheddar smokie or something else while we were waiting in line and I remember responding, “I want Strawberry Mojito.” Ice cream can be distracting. Since then, Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co. has been ruining my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every Saturday. Except for the weekends that I work… those are always the worst weekends. My mother would be so proud!

Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co.: Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito

The Strawberry Mojito that Saturday was absolutely delicious: full of strawberry flavour with the mint really pulling through, and the coconut cookie crust surprisingly holding up its shape but crumbly enough to bite through. How the whole sandwich isn’t freezer burnt is beyond me and even after saving the treats in my freezer for a week, it’s still delicious! If you’re perplexed as to why I would do such a thing, it’s because I now like to buy most of the flavours each week and take a couple of bites of each every day. You know, to savour it all week. Yes, I acknowledge that I have problems.

Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co.: Ingredient List

Ingredient List

Every ice cream sandwich comes with a full ingredient listing, which is awesome for those who are food-sensitive! Since opening at the market, Frosty Fox has offered dairy-free ice creams, wheat-free options, and most recently delved into the vegan market. As much as I love ice cream on its own, I think Frosty Fox Ice Cream’s sandwiches are the way to go! You don’t need a spoon, come on! As the summer went on, I’ve noticed Jen breaking away from traditional flavours and really get creative with her ingredients. Here are the ones that I’ve tried:

Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co.: The Tayberry

The Tayberry Yayberry

The Tayberry Yayberry was my first introduction to Frosty Fox’s lemon cookie, one of my absolute favourites! Can you tell that I like my fruit and fresh flavour profiles? It was also the first time I’ve ever heard of a tayberry, a cross between a blackberry and red raspberry.

By the third visit, I started realizing that I should just get more than one flavour at a time. It was becoming way too hard to choose just one! Above: Beached Watermelon (with a macaron crust!), Triple Chocolate Overlord, South Island Bounty. The following week: Dairy-Free Rhubarb, using rhubarb from her mom’s backyard and pureed with strawberries and rum, between an almond flour & shredded coconut crumb. That same week, the Southern Belle (Peach, Brown Sugar, and Bourbon) made me wish I had grabbed another one. It’s my favourite so far! Other sandwiches that were clearly eaten right before midnight that I’ve forgotten to take photos of include: Key Lime Delight (Lime, Graham Cookie), Carrot Cake Chai (Chai Tea, Carrots, Cinnamon), The Bossman (Chocolate, Dulce de Leche) and a Vegan Lychee Cherry.

Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co.: The Sugar Rush

The Sugar Rush

Most recently, the Sugar Rush (Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Mixed with Sour Key Candies, Purple Macaron). It was at this point that I believe Jenn got a little crazy but gained a bit of genius points. Can’t wait to see what she’ll make next!

Frosty Fox Ice Cream

Frosty Fox Ice Cream

Alongside working a part-time job, she’s now busier than ever. Mad respect to local businesses and vendors and their goals! What does the future look like for Frosty Fox? The ultimate goal for Jenn is to open an ice cream truck. My heart dropped a little because my weekly trip the market wouldn’t be the same without her as a vendor but she made a point when she happily exclaimed, “But then I would be EVERYWHERE!” True. This is very true. Other ideas she’s currently toying with: home deliveries, occasional appearances at the indoor City Market (ice cream is year-round folks!) and potentially moving into a commercial space to make more ice cream! Whatever her plans are, I’m excited to see the business grow and how it’s been incorporated into my weekly eats!

Summer is ending faster than you know it, so make sure you visit Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co., open every Saturday at The City Market. Her booth has since moved to the south end of the market, across from deVine Wines (which I suspect is the reason why rum has been making an appearance in her ice creams). Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see what new flavours she comes up with, each week is never a repeat! Make sure to also grab a stamp card from Jen, nine ice cream sandwiches gets you the 10th one free!


Frosty Fox Ice Cream Co.


There’s something about coming down to the market at 9 am in a sleepy state, stocking up on sausages and eggs from Serben’s Organic Farm, and then buying ice cream sandwiches from Jenn, who’s sometimes in an equally sleepy, but happy state. This post is part a Market Feature, a series featuring local vendors at Edmonton’s markets. Follow the blog for next month’s feature!


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