Recap: #kenyaraefoodproject Presents Chicken & Waffles Pop-Up

Following up on her first successful pop-up last September, Kenya Hushagen was back last week at 124 Street’s Dovetail Delicatessen and this time serving up the ever popular chicken and waffles combo! I love it when the #kenyaraefoodproject is made public!

#kenyaraefoodproject Chicken & Waffles Menu

#kenyaraefoodproject Chicken & Waffles Menu

Diane and I beat the rush and lined up right at opening. The 4pm rush was steady and I think easily manageable by Kenya and her team of family and friends. I can only imagine how busy it got after we left, the event near sell-out by 6pm. People really do like fried chicken.

#kenyaraefoodproject Chicken & Waffles

#kenyaraefoodproject Chicken & Waffles

We were quick with our meal as both of us had other plans afterwards so there wasn’t a lot of photo-taking on my part. $15 got diners two pieces of Southern Fried Chicken, Roasted Corn and Poblano Waffles with Brown Butter Maple Syrup, Classic Louisiana Hot Sauce, and Braised Greens. As a slight variation on a dish that Kenya made while filming for Master Chef Canada in 2014, I was beyond excited.

#kenyaraefoodproject Chicken & Waffles

#kenyaraefoodproject Chicken & Waffles

The buttermilk fried chicken had a nice crisp, crunchy cornflake batter. There were a couple of bites that I thought were on the drier side particularly if it was a thinner piece of chicken, but overall I thought it was well done and thankfully, well seasoned. I get really sad when fried chicken isn’t well seasoned. The waffle had a great corn flavour and I appreciated the contrasting texture of whole corn kernels within the batter. I love heat so I wish more poblano flavours would have pulled through but that’s what the hot sauce was for. Mixed together with the brown butter maple syrup, it was a great combo of hot and sweet! Both Diane and I thoroughly enjoyed the braised greens, something I’m always hesitant to try. I’m a fan!

#kenyaraefoodproject Kenya Hushagen Assembling & Talking with Diners from 1st Pop-Up

Kenya Hushagen Assembling Bao Buns from Her First Pop-Up & Talking with Diners

It’s a short post, but what can I say? If you’re missing out on the #kenyaraefoodproject, you’re a fool! I’m excited to see that her second installation was so well received and successful. Can’t wait what she comes up with next. I’m crossing my fingers for ramen! You can keep up with Kenya’s cooking adventures on Instagram, @kenyaraeproject.

The Kenya Rae Food Project
Instagram: @kenyaraeproject

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