Giveaway: Effing Seafoods Oyster Party

If you haven’t heard of Effing Seafoods or Rob Tryon (aka Effing Rob) by now, you will definitely need to read through this post! And for those who are familiar with all the fresh seafood that Effing Seafoods has brought in to Edmonton for the past year, you will be delighted to see what I’m giving away (a $500 value!) at the end of the post! The lesson here is: read through the post and get ready to #geteffed!

Effing Seafoods

Effing Seafoods

I first met Rob at Get Cooking during the 7th Edmonton Food Fight competition. He had a table full of oysters, shucking away merrily as guests prepared for the show. He had the biggest smile on his face and talked to every single guest that came to his table about his products: who he was, where the oysters were from, how they were grown, how they should taste, and all the stories attached to it. Now it’s not often that you see a guy shucking oysters randomly like that in Edmonton but I can tell you that since that February, I’ve seen Rob numerous times: still shucking oysters, still sharing his story, and best of all, same size smile.

Rob grew up in a commercial fishing family on the coast of British Columbia and swears that salt water runs through his veins. The cheeky name, Effing Seafoods, came from the oysters he grew from Effingham Inlet, Barkley Sound just off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. With a name like that, it wasn’t surprising that Rob drew the attention of chefs, seafood buyers, and food lovers — the brand quickly recognized in British Columbia. After heading west to work in Alberta’s oil industry for two years, Rob decided that meat-centric Edmonton could use some seafood love. And I’m so glad he did!

Effing Seafoods BC Albacore Tuna Crudo at Tzin

Effing Seafoods BC Albacore Tuna Crudo at Tzin

Since last November, Effing Seafoods is everywhere possible and it’s completely changed the way I perceive seafood in Edmonton. If a restaurant menu says “sourced from Effings Seafoods” or the feature of the night was “brought to me by Rob”, I will order it. Not only are the oysters fresh, the fish, prawns, clams, any seafood Rob brings is guaranteed to be the best I’ve had in Edmonton. It seems like every restaurant I go to has been in contact with Rob, including (but definitely not limited to!) TZiN, XIX, Vons Steakhouse and Oyster Bar, Bar Clementine, Alberta Hotel Bar & Kitchen, and Sage. If the goal is to take over Edmonton via oysters and seafood, then Effing Seafoods is on the right track!

Effing Seafoods Oysters

Effing Seafoods Oysters

Effing Seafoods Oysters

Effing Seafoods Oysters

If dining out isn’t your cup of tea, Effing Seafoods’ presence at numerous farmer’s markets throughout the summer made cooking seafood at home a breeze. Since market season has wind down, you can follow Effing Seafoods’ Facebook page for the most recent updates and for the freshest products. I’ve got a hankering for chowder lately so my eyes are on his clams! Or check out his next event at the newly opened Northern Chicken on Tuesday, December 13. Fried chicken and west coast oysters, heck yes!

As if that wasn’t enough, Effing Seafoods has kindly given me the opportunity to give away a Effing Seafoods Oyster Party on the blog! Rob will come to your home (or office, or restaurant oyster bar) and throw you and your friends a party like no other! Learn where your seafood comes from, how the merroir (that’s terroir but in ocean terms, he’s so witty!) affects the taste of the oysters, and walk through everything you need to know about these little molluscs. In addition to the 10 dozen oysters (holy!), the package also includes “Caviar Bumps” (30 grams) from Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar (New Brunswick), a unique experience of cleansing the palate with vodka (or bubbles) and licking caviar off the back of your hand to really taste the flavour profile. (Note: This was super cool experience, and again, I found Rob randomly set up at a restaurant to demonstrate the caviar. Yes, with a big smile!) This would make an awesome stand-alone experience, or complement your holiday festivities! Enter through the widget below!

Oysters from Effing Seafoods (Photograph by David Bloom, Edmonton Journal)

Oysters from Effing Seafoods (Photograph by David Bloom, Edmonton Journal)

The Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win an Effing Seafoods Oyster Party (10 Dozen Oysters, 30g Acadian Sturgeon Caviar – $500 value) using the widget below. Contest runs from Sunday, December 4, 2016 until end of day, midnight (MST) Monday, December 12, 2016. Entrants must have a valid email address (for contact) and party must be hosted in Edmonton and area. Winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Winner will have until Wednesday, December 14, 2016, midnight (MST) to respond or another entrant will be randomly selected. Giveaway is provided by Effing Seafood.

How To Enter

Using the widget below, you can do each and receive one entry.

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67 thoughts on “Giveaway: Effing Seafoods Oyster Party

  1. I’m pretty new to the oyster scene, but I like the west coast ones a bit more for it’s texture. Thanks for the awesomeEffing giveaway 😉

  2. East vs West? My taste buds like to think they don’t discriminate and loves all oysters equally, but I say West Coast > East Coast

  3. I’ve tried the oysters from him before. So. Effing. Good (see what I did there… Ehehehe). I want to try out more of his other items. What would you suggest?

    • I’m not sure if he sells it right now but the BC Albacore Tuna is amazing! I’ve had it as a crudo so many times from different restaurants and they’re fantastic!

  4. I still don’t know how I feel about oysters but I think like all things in life – I am a West Coast girl. As long as they aren’t super fat – I am opening to trying it.

  5. I haven’t had the opportunity to try east coast variety, and I have only tried the west coast variety a couple of times..I would love to have a tutorial on what to look well as a class on how to shuck the oysters..looks dangerous!

  6. Love Effing Seafoods!
    I”m torn between West and East Coast. Love East Coast lobster, but Love West Coast everything else! They might be the winners!

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