Recap: Vignettes Does Dining (September 9 to October 15, 2017)

A recap of two 2017 Vignettes Does Dining events, one-of-a-kind pop-up dining experiences that celebrate creative collaborations: Tzin (September 9) and Farrow (September 13).

Vignettes Design Series

A vignette is a space where creatives of multiple backgrounds and disciplines can come together to create a one-of-a-kind feature for audiences to view and admire.

The Vignettes Design Series not only aims to creatively build out 8ft x 8ft spaces for your viewing pleasure, but provides a platform for incredible collaborations amongst the art, design, and culinary communities in Edmonton. From designers, visual and soundscape artists to woodworkers and contractors, it’s a means for local creative minds to collaborate and showcase their work and to launch themselves into bigger and better projects. Last year’s inaugural series was held right in the heart of downtown, as three distinct spaces on 104 Street were transformed into art installations and unique dining experiences.


This year’s interactive art installations and interior design showcases are directly north of City Hall, utilizing the former Re-Use Centre and also incorporates Alta Fab’s modular sea-can to create The Christenson, a dining space for Vignette’s multiple pop-ups.

The showcase itself officially launches on September 22, with a VIP Gala Night to celebrate design, live art, and music. Vignettes is also opening its doors to the public for an extended month-long viewing of the gallery spaces. The design work of 14 collaborative teams and musical soundscape tracks will be on display until October 15. I’m excited to see it all come together, just in time to kick off EEDC’s Edmonton Design Week.


My interests are piqued for the Vignettes Does Dining events. Obviously. So I was thankful to be invited as a guest to the launch dinner at The Christenson with Tzin.

Vignettes Does Dining at The Christenson

Vignettes Does Dining at The Christenson

Vignettes Does Dining - Tzin

Vignettes Does Dining – Tzin


Let’s talk about the space first because it’s a stunner that can’t be ignored. The sea-can structure was intended to be used as bus shelters in Fort McMurray, but a fall out in the contract left these building modules open for use. For Vignettes’ use, they were dropped in a little over a month ago and redesigned with beautiful flooring, banquet seating, and operating fireplaces — essentially creating a full restaurant, with an outpost for a fully equipped kitchen. It’s a spectacular space to be in and beautiful view of Edmonton’s developing downtown to boot.


A candlelit dinner by Tzin made for wonderful late night dinner. Our wine-paired five course meal was accompanied by live art and live music. It was absolutely spectacular. Tables are grouped for six, so diners will have the opportunity to get to know some new faces while enjoying the creative space. In our case, the new faces we met weren’t quite so unfamiliar, as Mayor Don Iveson and his wife Sarah Chan joined our table. It was an absolute pleasure talking to them about Vignettes and about our growing city!

Vignettes Does Dining: Blank Canvas, Live Art by Giselle Denis

Blank Canvas, Live Art by Giselle Denis


Vignettes Does Dining: Sherry Cake by Tzin

Sherry Cake by Tzin


Farrow Sandwiches’ lunch event today is the only dining event announced thus far that did not require tickets in advance. A little rain didn’t stop me from getting their Roast Beef. You can catch Farrow Sandwiches’ for one more day (Thursday, September 14 from 11 AM to 1 PM). [Edit, September 13, 2017 9:05pm: Honest Dumplings, Revolution Ice Cream, and South Island Pie will also be doing a lunch at The Christenson on September 26 and 27.]

Be sure to check out Vignette’s calendar of events and future culinary pop-ups. Future line-ups include: Three Boars, Wishbone, Merchant Hospitality (El Cortez, Have Mercy, and their newest, The Holy Roller), Alder Room, and Alta. Pop-ups are still being announced steadily so make sure you follow Vignettes YEG on Twitter for updates!

Vignettes Does Dining 
Part of Vignettes Design Series
The Christenson (Temporary Pop-Up Space)
10004 103A Ave
Victoria and Leigh Wright, Producers of Vignettes YEG

Victoria and Leigh Wright, Producers of Vignettes YEG

Disclosure: I was invited as a guest to the launch of this year’s Vignettes Does Dining (Tzin). I was not expected to publish a post and all opinions are of my own.


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