Mayday Dogs: Weiners, Tots, Shakes & Beer, All Courtside

Hotdogs with a side of tots, washed down with a milkshake or beer, Mayday Dogs is catering to the fast casual crowd of Edmonton’s Ice District.

104 Street is home to a lot of restaurants: sit-downs, pubs, and wine & cocktail bars. What I think it’s lacking is the quick grab and go meal. Sure, there’s Ono Poke, CareIt Deli, and KB & Co, but all would require a fork. I just want a hot dog. A burrito. Maybe a slice of pizza. I’m thinking pre- or post- event or just a late night hankering. Enter Mayday Dogs.

Mayday Dogs

Mayday Dogs

Owner Justin Benson, previously with Farrow Sandwiches, is serving up steamies courtside. It took awhile to get there though. My first dog was at the Mercer Super Party back in the summer: their take on the classic Chicago dog: 95/96 Bulls Mustard, neon relish, tomato, dill pickle, white onion, pepperoncini, celery salt.

After that, I was after every hotdog Mayday Dogs had to offer. Scouring the streets for their next appearance. My next taste: Young Chop American cheese, bodega sauce, iceberg, vine tomato, dill pickle and cherry pepper spiced relish. Mayday Dogs has come up with more dogs than I can count. I do remember nabbing the last dog with Shake Shack sauce though.

Mayday Dogs: 95/96 Bulls

95/96 Bulls

But enough of the past, here’s what can you expect now.

The Mercer Building already is home to some pretty sweet spaces including Rostizado by Tres Carnales, hotspot Baijiu and soon to open, Little HK. Downstairs in the basement, you might be familiar with Vacancy Hall’s popup shops and the popular Weekly barbershop.

The old Transcend space is now converted to bleacher style hangout. Think loud, hiphop and banger music. If there was space, I’m pretty sure hoops would have been installed. The basketball themed space translates to the menu as well, with items named after all-stars.

Mayday Dogs: Courtside Seating

Courtside Seating

Mayday Dogs uses a custom 100% pork weenie by Bear Flower Farms, or sub for a Field Roast Frankfurter vegan dog for $3. There’s currently six varieties on the menu, all under $10 except for one made by Edmonton’s favourite Daniel Costa of Corso 32.

Those hoping for a Japadog, keep hounding them and maybe the Kamikaze will make a reappearance. For now, the closest is the Korean Abdul-Jabbar Brie, Thanh Thanh kimchi, Yali pear, gochujang mayo, toasted sesame seed, my current favourite.

Tater tots are also offered: Classic with or without the nacho dipping sauce; Supremed up with cheese, house salsa, sour cream and chives; or made Sticky with a house Asian BBQ sauce, toasted sesame seeds and green onion.

Shakes are pretty spectacular, ice creams made custom by Pinocchio Ice Cream, including a Hennessy Milkshake. The Honeycomb Crunch was a feature when I visited and I’m hoping the cereal milkshakes continue. It was BOMB. Same goes with the Coffee Crisp.

Mayday Dogs

Mayday Dogs

I’m praying that all the limited edition dogs make an appearance again, including the Hawaiian Puka dog (pineapple relish, habanero, aioli, guava mustard). I literally lived off of Puka dogs in Honolulu. Mayday Dogs, please call me.

It’s a perfect space before an event at Roger’s. Quick, casual, sit down and eat or grab and go. It’s definitely a cheaper alternative to any hotdog in the arena, but please don’t expect Costco and Ikea prices here. That’s really not comparable. Those who prefer smokies will be disappointed, head on over to the closest Fat Franks instead. But if you’re in the mood for a steamie and a cool vibe, this is the place.


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