LET’S OM NOM is a Edmonton food blog. Here, you can find my personal opinions and reviews of restaurants and local food, sneak peeks and recaps of upcoming or past events, and photo sets of my favourites. You can catch my out of town food adventures as well! Anything and everything food, food-related, and delicious will be shared here.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Oxford Dictionaries”]

nom nom

Pronunciation: /nɒmˌnɒm/

Informal, chiefly North American As an exclamation (also om nom nom): used to express pleasure at eating, or at the prospect of eating, delicious food.


So let’s om nom! Because even if you don’t join me, I’ll be doing it anyways. My name is Cindy. And I’m always hungry.


I am a pharmacist by day and self-proclaimed foodie 24/7. I love all things food and food-related. I’m in the process of becoming a better cook but until things look photo-worthy and delicious, I’ll be writing about anything else I eat. I love all cuisines and am open to eating anything, weaknesses include ramen and chips. I don’t like durian. I’m a fan of supporting local restaurants and local food products.

Outside of my hometown Edmonton, I love to break away and travel (and eat, of course!). I also love running, hiking, and starting to dabble in photography.

If you want to grab a coffee, get in touch!


What camera do you use? Prior to March 2014, I used my iPhone 5s camera exclusively. Currently I am using a Sony α6000 + a SEL24F1.8Z or SEL1670Z lens.

What platform or layout are you using? I am self-hosted and using WordPress and I’m using a modified Soledad theme.


All complimentary meals, products, gift cards, certificates, etc will be disclosed to my readers on the post. I will not accept any offers in exchange for a review. Because my intention is to share with readers my food experiences, I do join private events (i.e. grand openings, media- or invite-only, new menus, etc) and provide recap posts. I am open to posting giveaways so long as I support the product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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Need to get a hold of me? Contact: cindy[@]letsomnom.com.