From Oxford Dictionaries:

nom nom

Pronunciation: /nɒmˌnɒm/

Informal, chiefly North American

As an exclamation (also om nom nom): used to express pleasure at eating, or at the prospect of eating, delicious food


There’s no doubt in my mind that I have always had a love for food. My mother can vouch for that as I started asking at an early age, “Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?” as I chewed on my lunch. It only became more apparent as school came to an end and eating out was the only way to catch up with friends and family. Pretty soon, taking pictures and Instagramming my food adventures became a habit… perhaps an addiction. What with me telling people to not touch the food before I quickly snap a picture, people started asking why I haven’t started a food blog. My response? I’m a horrible critic. Everything is good! I don’t want to come off as a food snob who has to comment on everything I eat? After being asked by a handful of people though, I started to wonder, well…why not? Might as well add a description to the photos I already take, maybe write a thing or two about what I thought. No harm in that right? And so this is where it all starts. Let’s om nom. Because even if you don’t join me, I’ll be doing it anyways.

My name is Cindy. And I’m always hungry.

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  1. Thanks, Cindy! I just approved your blog claim. Now your Urbanspoon profile picture is displayed on your blog page. You can upload a blog-specific photo if you prefer, and can change a few other blog settings there. Also, if you vote for a restaurant that you’ve reviewed on your blog, we now show your vote next to your post everywhere on our site.





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