Photolog: Bündok Lunch and Brunch

Bündok has launched both lunch and Saturday brunch service since my initial post and I can’t be any more excited. It’s become a staple for me, the small plates light and tasty, perfect for a quick meal. Recommendations: Chicken Liver Tartine, Seabream Crudo, Classic French Omelet and Citrus Posset.

Bündok: Grilled Sirloin Tartine

Grilled Sirloin Tartine

Bündok: Chicken Liver Tartine

Chicken Liver Tartine

Bündok: Grilled Apple Tartine

Grilled Apple Tartine


Grilled Sirloin Tartine, brocamole, grilled broccoli.
Chicken Liver Tartine, pear jam, coarse salt.
Grilled Apple Tartine, oka cheese, clover honey.

Bündok loves their tartines and so do I. The open-faced sandwich is made with their in-house bread and topped with sweet or savory ingredients. My favourite is the Chicken Liver Tartine. It’s addictive.

Bündok: Seabream Crudo

Seabream Crudo

Bündok: Beef Tartare

Beef Tartare

Bündok: Pomme Dauphine

Pomme Dauphine

Sea Bream Crudo, apple, thai basil, citrus.
Beef Tartare, egg yolk, pickled mustard seeds, greens.
Pommes Dauphine, gruyere.

You can go down totally different paths at Bündok. The Sea Bream Crudo is bright and refreshing or go towards the Pommes Dauphine for decadent fried bites of Gruyère. Or order both.

Bündok: Asparagus Tart

Asparagus Tart

Bündok: Merguez


Bündok: Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

Asparagus Tart, roasted green onion, potatoes.
Merguez, romano beans, roasted ramps, yogurt.
Roasted Cauliflower, capers, breadcrumbs, creme fraiche.

The tart dough here is buttery, flaky, and perfectly done. If there’s a tart, get it. And if you need more vegetables, the play between charred cauliflower, capers, and housemade creme fraiche is a sure win.

Bündok: Citrus Posset

Citrus Posset

Bündok: Citrus Posset

Citrus Posset

Good for dessert or for brunch, the Citrus Posset is one of my favourites. Texturally, this custard is amazingly smooth and a must-try. Surprisingly, the brunch version is sweeter than dessert thanks to granola and fresh fruit.

Bündok: French Toast Strata

French Toast Strata

Bündok: Classic French Omelet

Classic French Omelet

Bündok: Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Bündok: Chicken Sausage

Chicken Sausage

French Toast Strata, whipped cream, maple syrup.
Classic French Omelet, spinach, brie.
Eggs Benedict, biscuit, ham or spinach, hollandaise.
Chicken Sausage, biscuits, herb chicken gravy.

Bündok’s newly launched Saturday brunch service is no exception to the well-thought out menu of lunch and dinner. Classics like French toast, omelet, and eggs benedict are available. I’d recommend the Classic French Omelet, done like no other in the city. There’s no browning, the eggs are fully incorporated and evenly cooked, plus my god, there’s a gigantic slice of brie on top.

10228 104 Street
(780) 420-0192


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