Photolog: Nudoru’s Consistency a Winner

It’s been over a year since Nudoru opened on Whyte Avenue and their commitment to consistency has won me over. Firm housemade noodles and a new menu since my last visit, I’m happy with this little ramen shop. Recommendations: Dragon Ramen Bowl (Medium) and Tonkotsu.
Nudoru: Tableside Togarashi

Tableside Togarashi

Nudoru: Dragon Bowl

Dragon Bowl

Nudoru: Firm Noodles, Housemade

Firm Noodles, Housemade


Dragon Ramen Bowl with Super Hot Chili Paste, Pork Shoulder, Soft Egg, Bean Sprout, Pickled Onion, Scallion. Your choice of mild, medium, hot or extra hot. They also sell a glass of milk for $2. A heat-seeker’s must order. I get the medium heat and it’s just perfect. Add some tableside togarashi if you want more kick.

Nudoru: Create Your Own Ramen Bowl: Shio

Create Your Own Ramen Bowl: Shio

Nudoru: Perfectly Marinated and Cooked Egg

Perfectly Marinated and Cooked Egg

Create Your Own Ramen is still available. I do this when I want a bowl with cleaner taste. Get the shio broth and add on your favourite toppings. Mine: Pork Belly, Soft Boiled Egg, Green Onions, and Fried Shallots. Their eggs are ridiculously consistent. LOVE.

Nudoru: Summer Menu Item - Beef Mazemen (Soupless)

Summer Menu Item: Beef Mazemen (Soupless)

Beef Mazemen (Soupless). New on the menu and most likely staying only for summer. It’s a beef alternative to a pork-heavy menu. Noodles are well dressed in sauce and a spicy mayo drizzle adds some richness. As per usual, Nudoru loads it up with beansprouts, green onions, and delightful pickled onions. A layer of mixed greens adds a nice touch.


Nudoru Japanese Noodles + Tapas
10532 82 Avenue
(780) 757-6836


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