Transcend Mercer

I’m excited to see another coffee shop (re)-surface in the central downtown area and with my condo a year away from completion, *fingers crossed*, I can only welcome new businesses and restaurants to the 104 St area with anything but livid excitement. Last week I had a rare weekday off, finally getting a chance to check out Transcend Mercer, which opened its doors last Monday.

Transcend Mercer

Transcend Mercer

Transcend is not new to the Edmonton scene, the Transcend Mercer being their third to join its Argyl and Garneau locations, but a fourth venture, after the closing of their Jasper Ave location last year. I had just discovered the Jasper location as a prime spot for relaxing and blogging when they announced their closure, unable to sustain their coffee-centric philosophy in a large downtown space. The Mercer location is now only four blocks away from the downtown core of Jasper Avenue, much smaller, although definitely a coffee-focused shop. I was excited to see if I could set up shop there! Future photo-editing and blogging space? Sorry Credo, you’re closer but my God why are you always so busy, sad face.

Transcend Mercer: Menu

Transcend Mercer Menu

Parking is almost near impossible in downtown and even more with the construction of the Rogers arena just north of the site. A lot of the clientele, I assume, are from businesses around the area or people who live in the downtown core and, of course, MacEwan University students looking for their caffeine-fix. The newly opened space is in the basement of Mercer Warehouse, down the stairs, on your left. It’s quite a spacious set up despite it being smaller than their Jasper Avenue location. A large wood communal table draws most of your focus, great for large groups and study area and eight smaller tables surround the perimeter for those who want a more intimate conversation or a quiet space to work. The chairs are soft leather mixed with an industrial metal frame, which I found to be stylish and comfortable. But the best seats in the house? Bar stools at the extended counter, closest to the prep counter. Best way to know your coffee barista for sure.

Transcend Mercer: Chai Latte

Chai Latte

That day I ordered a chai latte. Something about freshly brewed coffee makes my heart palpitate despite years of coffee consumption in my University days. I must be getting old. I don’t actually recall ever trying anything but their coffees at past locations because clearly I would have remembered this chai latte! Predominantly cinnamon spiced (vs. cardamom spiced), I appreciated the coffee art in my to-stay cup. WiFi is locked, but is available for free with purchase. I actually stayed there for a couple of hours though, relaxing and finishing up some blog posts. Success! I’ve found a local coffee shop close to my (future) home!

Welcome back downtown Transcend! Great space, great coffee, great atmosphere. Also helps that it’s open on Saturdays too. Please don’t leave before I move.   🙂

Transcend Mercer
10359 104 St
(780) 425-5585

Monday to Friday 730A to 530P
Saturday9A to 5P

Transcend Mercer on Urbanspoon


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