Chatime: Bursting Edmonton’s Bubble Tea Selection

It only took five months for another Taiwan-based bubble tea house franchise to follow CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice’s footsteps but Chatime is here! Launching simultaneously, two new locations will now service Edmonton’s bubble tea-lovers. I can already tell you that the Jasper Avenue location is gathering crowds.

Chatime (Jasper Avenue)

Chatime (Jasper Avenue)

Located in the Baker Centre on Jasper Avenue and 104th Street, the downtown Chatime helps spread the bubble tea radius further east towards Tea Fusion in Edmonton City Centre. (For reference, competitors CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice and Purple Bubble Tea on 109th Street, and Dream Team House in Oliver Square anchor west of downtown.) The Whyte Avenue location is right in the heart of Strathcona, only two spots down from Nudoru Japanese Noodle and Tapas. Chatime is rapidly expanding with over 1000 locations in 26 different countries and as of August last year, has numerous locations in Vancouver and metropolitan area, 12 locations in Ontario alone, and 1 location in Calgary. Add Edmonton to that growing list!

Chatime Menu

Chatime Menu

The menu is similar to most big global franchise teahouses: a selection of milk teas, fruit teas, fresh teas, and a variety of specialty drinks like “Chatime Jelly”, which include a combination of pearls and coconut jelly, and “Mousse/Latte”. Most drinks come in two sizes: regular and large; and none, with the exception of the “Chatime Jelly” come with any toppings. The addition of pearls, grass jelly, or pudding will cost you and extra $0.50, and premium toppings like coconut jelly, red be a, aloe vera, and coffee jelly will cost you $0.75. I’ve never had cream mousse before but that’s an extra $1.00 I’m willing to pay for next time to try! Sugar content can be adjusted (0%, 30% 50%, 80%, regular, or 120%), as is ice when ordering a cold drink (0%, 80%, regular, 120%).

Chatime Recommendations

Chatime Recommendations

Chatime: Taro Milk Tea with Pearls (Small) and Passionfruit Green Tea with Pearls (Large)

Taro Milk Tea with Pearls (Small) and Passionfruit Green Tea with Pearls (Large)

When in doubt, order any of the Chatime Recommendations! So far, I’ve tried the Taro Milk Tea (30% sugar, 80% ice) with Pearls and the Peach Green Tea (80% sugar, 80% ice) with Pearls. On my first visit, the Taro Milk Tea was visibly gritty and the texture was just not up to snuff. I’m hoping they will fix that and that’s not a standard quality. My Peach Green Tea was made perfectly and something I’m more likely to order at any given bubble tea place. For myself, 80% sugar was just a touch sweet and I’ll have to try 50% sugar next time. Joe ordered the Passion Fruit Green Tea (30% sugar, 80% ice) with Pearls both trips, happy with his first order. The pearls were fresh on both occasions and I was impressed with how much you get, in proportion to the drink.

Chatime: Peach Green Tea with Pearls (Large) and Passionfruit Green Tea with Pearls (Large, back)

Peach Green Tea with Pearls (Large) and Passionfruit Green Tea with Pearls (Large, back)

Chatime Rewards Card

Chatime Rewards Card

Chatime is using Vicinity as their rewards points (additional $1.00 to become a member). Worth the cost if you’ll be frequenting either locations. Grand opening is slated for tomorrow and between November 11 and November 13, there’s a buy one get one free deal (buy any drink get one Chatime Milk Tea or Roasted Milk Tea for free) and between November 14 and November 16, upgrade your beverage (excluding hot and coffee series) to a large size for free. Offer was posted at the Jasper Avenue Chatime location although both addresses are available, so I assume that both locations will honour the deal!


Check it out and let me know what you think! At the time of posting: hours are Sunday to Thursday, noon until 10pm; Friday and Saturday, noon until 11pm.

10405 Jasper Avenue
(780) 800-6612

10538 82 Avenue
(780) 705-1346


4 thoughts on “Chatime: Bursting Edmonton’s Bubble Tea Selection

  1. Went today during the buy one get one free promotion. Wait was for 45 mins. When I got to counter to order the cashier said the promotion was not valid unless I was a member which cost $5. But according to membership is $1. On top of that the girls in front of me and behind did not have memberships but were offered the promotion. As advertised I also did not get the free upgrades. When I bought this to the attention of the manager, the cashier declared I turned down the promotion and the manager brushed me off. I found the customer service horrible, the management unprofessional and they did not honor their advertised promotions. Will not go back and will not suggest this place to anyone.

    • Hey Sam! Was this at the downtown location? I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience! Definitely was $1 membership and I have the bill to prove it! I hope management communicates with the staff on what’s suppose to be charged and service improves. 😦

    • Free upgrade is start from Nov 14, 2016. Can you tell me who did not give you the promotion? Everyone get the promotion of buy one get one free during these three days (11-13), and the Chatime card costs $1, it is written on the counter since Nov.6 th, and same price in the system. Everyone will get a receipt, And we don’t take the points card during the promotion but instead we give out free drinks.

  2. Downtown location definitely has horrible customer service. I don’t know what it is about their drink making process but it takes forever to get a drink. Also wouldn’t hurt for the cashier to smile and say hi once in a while. I’ve been there 3 times because I work in the same building and I’ve yet to get a hi which is something even McDonald’s seems to be able to handle

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